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Letter to Richard COHEN

Letter to Richard COHEN

Dear Richard,

I was last week in Totnauberg in the "Hütte" and in the garden I have made a fantastic discovery: I have found a small sealed box and inside a new manuscript of M. H. Here is its translation (I have done my best).

One must think the opening laid down by the Being in a above-through- several-languages way of disclosedness behind the words lift, luft, loft and left.

The conquest of the uniteness of these terms leads us to a new fundamental existential. The very fact that it was not already explicited in S.u.Z. cannot be considered as contingent. It is part of the crafty withdrawal of the Being to hide this existential from the greedy hold of all those pseudo heideggerian people who only mimetically repeat my words.

Clearly the uniteness behind these words can be expressed as lightness.

A lift in the English meaning is nothing else than the tool (of course in the zuhanden meaning) that the Dasein uses to rise oneself or equivalently to struggle against his weight, that is to say to obtain lightness. To consider a lift as a box moved upward and downward by electricity to access more easily to a flat would completely miss its meaning.

The German term luft is nothing else than the lightness-in-the-world. To understand it completely, one has to refer to the Geviert. The luft as lightness-in-the-world appears as a fifth term, the exact go-between between God and Man, between Heaven and Earth. In fact this was already understood within a preontological knowledge by the glorious members of the Luftwaffe, all those quasi Supermen who were prematurely sacrificed as I have already suggested elsewhere (although in necessarily more careful words). To consider the air as a gas, a mixing of oxygen and carbonic gas, and to study it by all these vulgar chemical means is only due to the tragic forgiving of the Being and to the fall in the tekne.

A loft as used in the French meaning is a flat which has inside no separating walls, that is to say a flat where is lived the lightest living, a living wthout the weighing opacity which rises in front of the being-with of the Dasein, and prevents him from any immediate relation to other Daseins. It is only the misunderstanding of the loftiness of this living which leads everyday men to introduce walls in lofts, loosing by this scoundrel building the Eigenheit of their being-with.

The American term left, in its different uses, also reveals its true nature as lightness. The left hand is used to lift light weights; in politics, left traditionally means those who wish to lighten the burden which squashes the life of the poor Daseins (although until this present discovery I was not inclined to consider such things); to be left means to be too light to deserve care.

Hence, for the first time, we have an explicited ontological understanding of a new existential, namely the being-upward of the Dasein. As other existentials, it is grounded on the being-in-the-world but it is quite distinct of the being-in-the-way already disclosed in S.u.Z. It is only on the basis of this existential that we can understand the ontic facts that Dasein uses lifts, airplanes, lofts, and can choose left wing political leaders. As with other existentials, being-upward has deficient modes which, also for the very first time, can ontologically explicit many ontic facts such as airplane crashes or voting for right political leaders. Again, to understand such facts as mechanical or social ones misses completely their true meaning.

I seal this fundamental discovery in this box. I am sure that some authentic thinker in a future generation, after the death of all those pseudo-heideggerian narrow-minded people, will find it and, by means of it, he will be able to en-light-en mankind in her authentic-proper being-upward.

Totnauberg, the (illegible date),

M. H.

It is all that I have found in the box. All the best.

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